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Replace the Area Rug or Doormat - This is probably one of the most important things you can do in your home's entryway. A ratted, tattered, and dirty rug can really leave a bad impression. It is easiest if you have an extra entrance area rug to exchange while cleaning the other one. It doesn't take long for the repeated traffic to cause wear and tear to a bargain rug. This is one part of your home where spending a little more on the rug will really pay off in the long run.

Tie- Bow ties were more common then neck ties. Bright solid colors or patterns of geometrical shapes were the height of fashion. Ties were thinner and a bit longer in the 20's then they are today.

Square Sunglasses - Last summer, it was all about massive, circular frames. But these futuristic sunglasses are about to be hot once the weather gets a little warmer. These frames can be worn at all times, but especially out at the beach.

If you want to print something on the back, include a clever logo of your family's design team such as "Smith Productions" or something with the initials of everyone in your family. You can still make a personalized greeting card even if it's through your computer.

The three staples for anyone looking after a child under two during the summer are as follows: sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Before spring ends, check all those from last year to be sure they still fit. Toddlers' heads are still growing when they are under five, so unlike adults, they may need a larger hat every season. The same is true for sunglasses, check to make sure they don't squeeze the child's head. Take a look at your supply of sunscreen as well, as it does expire from year to year. Remember, for full effectiveness sunscreen must be applied a full fifteen minutes before going out in the sun, and every hour after that - especially with young children.

Stylish totes and bags. Make a difference this summer. Have fun with a summer tote that is a loosely woven straw bag with handles made of kicky handkerchiefs. If you don't feel handkerchief, accentuate your tote with scarf or summer beads.

I have been reluctant to organize my out of season clothing. This chore seems such a hassle. For years, I simply shoved my warm items to the back of the closet and went on with the season.

To begin with, outfit yourself with a good pair of shades. Prescription sunglasses are the Rolls Royce of eyeware and very expensive, but if money is definitely an object, stop by Pay-Half or Daffy's and pick up a six or eight dollar pair tblack beach hat you can wear over existing glasses. Duane Reade also features an unfashionable little number for about $15.00 that is marketed to cataract surgery patients. Ugly, but functional, it provides the ultimate in sun-blocking. In the unlikely event you have this disease but do not wear glasses, go a little more expensive on the sunglasses and buy from an optician to assure proper coating against UV rays since you don't have real glasses to protect your eyes.

Try dripping two or 3 drops of stamp ink into the reservoir. Put back the cap or ink well. If you're using the pre-ink stamp, just drip a few drops of ink directly to the stamp and set it on face up position to soak for 10 minutes. It is then ready to use.

Sure, hats are the best craze this season, so all you vogue conscious people today, head out and acquire the right a single on your own. But before you do, you should continue to keep some recommendations in thoughts, so you do not produce a trend fake marche.

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